Shopify Hreflang Manager App to improve international ecommerce SEO

Stores page

This page displays all the Shopify websites that are connected to the app. Here it is possible to manage the following settings:

  • Add a store
  • Disconnect a store
  • Choose a store language
  • Choose a store country (this is optional)
  • Set up and change the x-default store
  • Set up and change the main store for language
  • Check if the app snippet is added to a store’s theme, which means the store is connected to the app.

How to add a store

To add a store, follow the next steps:

  • Go to Dashboard or the Stores page
  • Press the Add Store button
  • In the window opened, specify if the app is already installed in the store you want to connect
    • If the app is already installed in the required store, insert the alphanumeric code from the x-default store into the empty field. Then press the Next button.
    • If the app isn’t installed, enter the secondary store URL and press the Check connection button. If the connection is correct, press the Next button.

How to disconnect a store

To disconnect a store, follow the next steps:

  • Go to the Dashboard or the Stores page;
  • Find the required store, then press the … menu -> Disconnect.
  • If this is the main store, the new main store should be established:
    • Press the “Set up as main store” link near the store you want to establish as main.
    • Disconnect the required store.

Please note: After disconnecting, you will need to re-sync the remaining stores. You can’t delete a store if there is only one store connected to the app.
Also, disconnecting a store doesn’t delete the Hreflang Manager app from the app list. To delete the app from the store Admin panel, please follow Uninstall process instruction.

How to change the x-default store

By changing the x-default Shopify store, you are also changing the store to synchronize with. You need to choose a new store with x-default status instead.
To change the x-default store, the following steps should be done:

  • Go to the Stores page
  • Press the x-default badge in front of the required store, then press Save
  • In the pop-up opened, press Confirm.

These changes might be processed in a few minutes because this action affects all the synchronizations.

How to change the main store for a particular language

To change the main language store, the following steps should be done:

  1. Go to the Stores page.
  2. Press the “Set up as main language store” link in front of the store that is supposed to become main.
  3. In pop-up opened, press Confirm.

These changes might become operational in several minutes because this action affects all the synchronizations.

How to set up Shopify stores with locales (subdomains)

If you have several stores on the same domain, it is also possible to manage them in our app. Store locale can be added either automatically if created directly through Shopify, or manually if created through third-party apps like Weglot.
If the locale is created via Shopify, its language and region settings will be pulled from Shopify settings automatically.

To change or set up the locale settings, follow these steps:

  • On Stores or Installation, find the icon with pen near the locale URL and click on Change locale settings. You will be redirected to the Online store - Domains settings.
  • In the window opened, change the language and/or country settings and press Save. The changes should be applied in-app in a short time.

Advanced store settings

Besides basic settings such as language or region, some Advanced settings can be applied to stores. These settings can be found on the Stores or Installation page and can be used for:

  1. Hreflang Manager Shopify app - connecting multiple Shopify stores to the app admin.

    This option is relevant if your stores' content is adapted for different languages. For example,if you have multilingual websites (check Settings->Store languages in the store admin, if not sure), this option perfectly works for you.

    Please note that we don't recommend setting up store languages or regions different from those in the store admin. In this case, the store positions can be brought down by search engines or other SEO issues might occur to the stores involved.

  2. Adding subdomains created in Weglot.

    If you have subdomains set up through Weglot app, you can add these subdomains to Hreflang Manager

    Please note that before adding the subdomain to the parent store, the parent store itself should be connected to our app.

How to change the language/domain settings of your Shopify store

By default, store language and domain settings in-app are imported from the store settings. Thus, there are two ways how to change them:

  1. In-app - this only changes app settings and not the store settings.
  2. In-store - if changed, these settings affect the app language/domain settings. We recommend this way so search engines won’t be frustrated by controversial settings.

To change the language and/or domain settings of your Shopify store, find the corresponding icons near the required store on the Stores page. After pressing these icons, you will be redirected to admin/settings/languages and admin/settings/domains of the chosen store.