Hreflang Manager App from Shopify App Store for multiple shopify stores

Dashboard page

The Dashboard is the main page of the app. Here you can review all the stores that are connected to the Shopify Hreflang Manager app, see their pricing plan, the sync information, add or delete stores.

Also, here you can check the store status:

  • Code isn’t added - the snippet hasn’t been added so that the store isn’t connected.
  • Code is added, sync is needed - the installation is completed, but not all the store items are synchronized.
  • Code is added, sync is completed - the installation is completed, all the store items are synced successfully..

Here you can see the info with additional SEO information for retail about hreflang tags by Google and Shopify.

Contact support form

If you have questions about Hreflang Manager app, or you have faced unexpected issues, you can contact the app support team.
To contact support, follow the next steps:

  • select at least one category from the checkboxes
  • write a few details about the question you faced with;
  • press the Get Help button in the bottom right corner of the app’s Dashboard.
  • select the email address for receiving a response from our support team.