Shopify Hreflang Manager App that connects international stores between each other

App overview

This manual contains the installation instruction, pages' overview, and use cases you might face with.

By following the instruction, you will connect the stores and sync them with each other.

Also, this manual contains pages and functionality overview of:

  • Dashboard page, that contains general info about stores.
  • Stores page, where you can set up hreflang tags for all your stores.
  • Synchronization page, where you can sync, unsync or change connections between products, collections, pages, blogs, and blog pages.
  • Settings page, where you can set up store notifications, change your pricing plan or enter the Installation stage.

If you already have hreflang tags in your stores, here you can see what to do with them when you have Hreflang Manager installed.

Here you can see a particular case of our app interacting with other apps. For now, we have the instruction for those who use our app and have Weglot app installed at the same time.