Verification of hreflang tags using Merkle SEO hreflang tag testing tool

Verification of hreflang tags

After Hreflang Manager app installation, we recommend checking your international SEO in the Merkle tool recommended by Google.

Merkle SEO hreflang tag testing tool for validating hreflang tags on a single live page.
—Tell Google about localized versions of your page, Google Search Central

Results in this testing tool should match your settings established in the app.

There are several common situations when you may detect existing redirect hreflang tags in your store:

I have hreflang tags set up outside this app

  • I have hreflangs set up manually by developers
  • I have multilingual Shopify websites
  • Other reasons

If you want to figure out your questions with hreflangs, you can reach out to our support team. We will help you identify the issue and remove extra hreflang tags free of charge.

If you want to remove hreflangs by ourself, here is our guide on how to do this.

1. Hreflang tags are set up manually by developers

The most common reason for hreflangs being set up before is that store developers have set them up manually.

If you still work with developers who set tags up, we recommend contacting them to remove hreflangs.

Otherwise, you can always contact our team for removing extra hreflang tags from your store's code.

2. I have at least one multi-language store

Some translation apps might set up hreflang tags automatically.

If you use Weglot, your hreflang tags might have been generated by this app. Here is the instruction for removing Weglot hreflangs.

Another case might be using a translation app with hreflangs that are managed by Shopify itself. In this case, the only way to have these hreflangs deleted is to contact Shopify support. You can find additional info on Shopify forum as well.

3. Other reasons

If you are not sure if written above is your case or you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact our support. We are always here to help you deal with hreflang tags!

Contact us at [email protected]