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Hreflang Manager is for those who:

Have at least two Shopify stores and want to reach targeted audience through organic search.

English, French Canadian Store English International Store You have expansion store(s) targeted to a specific region or language. EXAMPLE 1 English US Store German German Store French French Store English, French Canadian Store English UK Store You have strong brand with several expansion stores all over the world. EXAMPLE 2

What is hreflang?

Hreflang is a tag that tells search engines what website page should users be pointed to based on their language or region.

search results

Relevant search results

Your customers always find the relevant product, collection, page, or even blog article based on their browser settings.

Thus, English speakers won’t see the French store version in their search results.

search results

SEO optimization

With hreflang tags, you let search engines know that US and UK stores are two localized store versions and not copies of each other.

This helps avoid penalties for duplicated content from search engines and so improves stores’ SEO positions.

Language Specificity

Language Specificity

You might want to get additional SEO benefits using handles (slugs) in a local language.

With Hreflang Manager, you can work with stores in different languages as well as with local language specificity (e.g. snickers & trainers).

What benefits we have for Shopify stores

This app was created having Shopify features in mind and provides the following:

  • 01 Manage hreflang tags in all your stores from one place.
  • 02 Having thousands of products? Save your time - all products will be automatically synced via SKU/barcodes/handles.
  • 03 Resolving the problem of non-relevant traffic to your stores and selling to the countries you didn't plan.
  • 04 Work with multi-language stores and stores with subdomains, created both by Shopify and third-party apps.
  • 05 Continuous update of the sync list - new products, collections, etc will all appear in our app automatically synced with existing ones.