I already have hreflang tags. What to do?

The store owners that have international stores may already have hreflang tags set up by developers or third-party apps that use native Shopify language translations. If you think you may already have hreflangs in your stores, we recommend deleting them before setting up Hreflang Manager since our app doesn't override, replace or manage any existing hreflang tags. Doing so allows you to avoid replicated hreflang tags so as to prevent penalties from search engines.

There are several common situations when you may detect existing hreflang tags in your store:

  • Using Weglot app
  • Using another translation app with hreflangs that are managed by Shopify itself. In this case, the only way to have these hreflangs deleted is to contact Shopify support.
  • Having hreflang tags set up manually by developers. In this case, we recommend contacting these developers to remove hreflang tags.